Meet The Creator..

Hello! I’m Haf Anwen,

I’m a Creative Director and Small Business Owner from Cefn-Coed, Merthyr.

I have been captivated by fashion and the arts from a young age and have always wanted to spend my life creating. I was fortunate to grow up in the South Wales Valleys, surrounded by incredible natural beauty and boundless wildlife, combined with the cultural affinity for music and the arts that runs so deeply through the Welsh Language and its traditions. I have been heavily influenced by my environment and I draw my inspiration from the landscape, textures, traditions, and cultures of Wales to design, make and create. In 2017 I graduated from UWE with a BA(Hons) in Fashion Design and began working on independent projects.


How it all began .. 


Following the closure of my employer at the beginning of the pandemic, I was at a crossroads. I had always wanted to start my own brand some day and began to think about the experiences I’ve had, as a petite woman, a designer and working in fashion/retail. I found myself becoming angry and full of questions, questions that I as a designer, have the power to affect.

  • Can never find fashionable AND sustainable? Why?
  • Mass production… Why?
  • No pockets for women? Why?
  • Only made for the average body type? Why?
  • All about shape and not about substance? Why?
  • Practical OR beautiful, never both .. Why?

After some serious encouragement from friends and family, I decided to take the plunge and try to answer these questions. From this, in 2021, HAFWEN was established.

HAFWEN is inspired by a desire to provide sophisticated, innovative, and inclusive pieces that are in harmony with nature, sustainability and the preservation of our planet.

About the brand .. 

HAFWEN is a sustainable Welsh fashion brand based in Cardiff. Our products are made by hand, to order.
The mission is to deliver inclusive, luxury sustainable fashion, for people looking to express their individuality through clean, sophisticated pieces with an edge.


Our Core Principles 

Luxury – Using high quality fabrics with innovative creative design to produce classic, stylish, statement wardrobe pieces. Constantly assessing the market, adding innovative detail, outside-the-box thinking and new directions for fashion.

Versatility – Creating versatile collections with parts that can be layered and worn all year round to many types of occasion. Engaging with clients on what makes a garment versatile for them, where are the gaps in their wardrobe?   

Functionality – Addressing the issue of use-ability in luxury garments, developing innovative and fun storage and usage solutions.

Inclusivity – Keeping a regular dialogue with customers on what makes the brand more inclusive to them and incorporating this into the design and promotion of all collections.

Responsibility – Using as many sustainable fabrics within lines as possible. Encouraging a sustainable attitude towards shopping. Focusing on quality over quantity with a push against the mass production markets and a focus on slow fashion, all products will be made by hand, in house, always.